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I was experiencing many symptoms for a good 6 or 7 years before i really started going after it with my Doctor. It was in a prayerful moment that I kept hearing the word MS running through my head. I happened to have an appointment with an neurologist the next day at a sleep disorder clinic. He asked how I'd slept the night before and I said "terrible, I'm pretty sure I have MS". So we began the discussion...and he scheduled an MRI of my brain and spine right away...two days later the results were in...in fact yes, I'd been living with MS for quite some time. I have MS, sleep apnea, glaucoma and am also Bi-Polar. So, I hit the jackpot! I'm actually grateful that the cognitive changes sometimes, they have helped lessen the manic energy that can make me go so far over board physically that leads me to hurt myself. But, at the same time, I work out and try to eat a healthy diet focusing on protein and green veggies...Drink lots of water. My relapses tend to be a little different and little worse each time. But, I keep the most positive attitude that I can in life...so many people think I'm fine...which leads me to not have too much of a support network. So, here I am...Sometimes another person who deals with the same thing and just saying yes, I deal with that too....can help you acknowledge it and move on to the the next thing. My biggest challenge is being easy on myself at times...and trying to stop outrunning this disease....it leads me to yet another relapse. I'm just so fearful that i won't be able to be do things someday that keep me an independent person.


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