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It was eight minutes left and we were down two goals... The ball starts coming towards me and then, almost like in slow motion, my view split into two, revealing a new reality of two soccer balls!?! I shut my eyes for a split second, shook my head, and opened them up to find two offenders approaching in fast. I slowly go towards the ball and then waited, still trying to figure out what the hell is going on with my vision. I'm squinting my eyes and find the soccer ball becoming one singular object again. I quickly clear the ball to our forwards and regain my focus. I played the rest of the game well, all considering... with spurts of dizziness here and there, but all in all, I played on. "No pain, no gain" as my coach would say from middle school. That game was quite an experience in itself. Afterwards I felt like I was car sick, or sea sick...(I'm prone to getting a little woozy in a car or large boat of some sort) but never during a soccer game. Ever. I had to sit down for a bit after the game to try to stop the world from spinning and splitting everything into two. After I drank almost all my water; my little sister helped me up, and we got in my car. -Looking back on this makes me feel like that was probably not the best idea ha. I drive us both to my apartment safely with one eye open and both hands on the wheel. My sister was concerned and worried, so she stayed a hour or two just to make sure I was okay. The next morning, I woke up and everything was like it had always been. I could see clearly and it was as if none of what happened last night even happened. Did I have a dream? No, unfortunately. After a 10hr work day, that Monday, my vision had gone completely double. I left and hurried to my regular eye doc, and she had said that my left eye had moved out of alignment. What?! How in the world does that happen? What the heck is going on? Okay, so how do we fix this doc? "I can't do anything for you, this is out of my reach. Let me refer you to someone who's really intelligent and will be able to help." her response right before I was going to ask how will this get fixed. She had heart felt eyes, and gave me multiple hugs... and right before I left her office, she stops me. "Let me try an experiment. Hold on one second!" She goes and grabs one of the sample glasses (non-prescriptive) and some scotch tape. She puts tape on the left lens and handed me the glasses. I put them on, and now my left eye, the one that moved, had a frosty like blurry view, while my right eye saw clearly. This helped a lot with driving my car so much better. I was sent to a neuro-ophthalmologist and he immediately sent me for MRI's for a possible concussion issue. I went and got my brain scanned. I remember looking at the films and seeing the swelling around my left eye area. It was strange, but interesting looking at what is inside my body. I had gone through countless eye tests... There was one test that really made me worried. I had to put on these special glasses (one lens was red and one was blue) and move a red cross to be directly on top of a randomly placed blue cross. Through my eyes, I was completing this simple task and doing it well. Once the lights were turned on I looked at my mom and she had a worried and then asked "Did you understand the directions? You were putting the one cross on top of the other cross right?" Yes mother, I was ha ha. Apparently, my cross wasn't anywhere close to the other cross. I didn't believe her until she took a video of me during one of my follow up appointments. She was right, I was completely off. This really worried me, because what I was seeing wasn't true. It was a new reality. Almost, a completely different world. I began to be scared of driving.. and I love driving my new ford fusion, named Khalees. I had to start wearing an eye patch for a while. Don't get me wrong, I rocked the pirate look at work. Had my boots and all! And then I was given prism glasses. My first diagnosis was 6th nerve palsy. I was put on steroids through an IV for 3 days straight, and then weaned off with decreasing the steroid through decreasing dosages of pills for two weeks. I then was told I needed to get a spinal tap. Big needle is going where in me?! That was fun... I remember thinking, "don't mind me with my super white ass just out for all to see. I'm doing well, how are you doing today?" Spinal tap wasn't so conclusive, so then I was sent for more MRI's. These were now showing a few tiny specs here and there. My mom had said they look like my brain has chicken pox. I then went to a different neurologist (the first was intelligent, but had absolutely no people skills at all). After more poking and tests... he diagnosed me with Multiple Sclerosis, just a few days before Christmas of 2014. My one year is approaching, and I decided I should finally sit down and tell my story, for whatever it is worth. I am proud to say that I am double vision free, and have been for the last two months! I still struggle with the fact that I have this disease. It gets me every now and then, but I am working on changing how I view things... work in progress, but determined to live a full and happy life. I started my first team for WalkMS in April of this year. I dubbed the team MScheivous Mateys, there's a few pictures posted on here already. It was a lot of fun meeting new people and seeing all the support. I'm proud to say our team raised an amazing $3,166! I honestly didn't think $1,000 was even achievable. And I am beyond greatful for all the support. It makes you realize how many people, that you honestly didn't realize, care about you and those who are also going through this unpredictable disease. It was an awesome experience, and cannot wait for next year's walk and muckfest!


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