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I am newly diagnosed (11-22-13) and I first had my symptoms in March 2012. After a month of testing and only one lesion found in my spinal x-ray ( a couple of smaller ones in brain) it was diagnosed as Transverse Myelitis last year and the numbness in my hand eventually went away after steroid treatments. Since that episode, I got married, moved into a new home and my son started kindergarten. My new husband and I started planning for our future ( new home, job changes, going back to school, etc.) and then in October 2013 I realized that a bunch of seemingly unrelated issues (frequent urination, weakness in left leg, tingling in right foot, back aches, fatigue, and finally numbness in my left hand over the course of 7 days) were actually related. It took 2 MRIs and some blood work to finally diagnose me with MS. I was prepared as I always thought in the back of my head that the original diagnosis of Transverse Myelitis could be MS. I was right and during that year and a half of not having any symptoms, I had time to slowly accept the fact that I may be sick for the rest of my life. My biggest fear is becoming a burden to my family and I plan to do whatever it takes to stay healthy for as long as possible. My biggest challenge so far is getting my 6 year old son to understand that mommy is sick even though I don't have a cough or a runny nose. It is hard to get him to understand that when I say that I am tired, I really am as opposed to being lazy or uninterested in the game he wants me to play. I hope that a cure is found and approved for public use soon. I hope to have a positive outcome.


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