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What we think is MS started affecting my life in high school at 15 years old; young, I know. It started with weakness, shortness of breath, and inability to exercise. It got worse in the beginning of college when I was 19. I had to drop out of my first year of college due to extreme fatigue and cognitive issues. It was difficult to impossible to get out of bed and move for a good month. After that month the symptoms partially went away but fatigue persisted, only somewhat lesser. Fast forward to today, I am 20 years old and have been struggling with symptoms of MS for almost a year. I have extreme fatigue and weakness, vision problems, tingling and numbness in arms, hands, and legs, partial seizures, cognitive issues, heat intolerance, headaches, come and go chronic pain, balance & coordination issues, tremors, hearing difficulty, stiff joints, headaches, and many other symptoms. Over half of the symptoms seem to come and go and at times get worse but the fatigue persists always and is my worst issue. I have a part time job and am about to start college again part time and am in the middle of finding out a diagnosis. I joined this website to connect with others who have similar experiences, to gain support, and to learn. I know there are many others out there like me and I really look forward to connecting with any of you :)


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