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Although I was diagnosed just a few days before Thanksgiving 2015, looking back throughout my entire life I appears I've been suffering from MS for a long time possibly since my pre-teen years. I've been suffering from some really difficult symptoms as of late. I started having the major pins and needles feelings this past September. I've been suffering from walking problems, pins and needles from head to toe, and itching from head to toe constantly for the most part since September. Some days are better than others. My first MS treatment is Tecfidera, which I just took my first dose this morning with breakfast. I really hope this medication helps me. I apparently have signs that I've had MS for quite some time because my brain MRI showed that I have some really old legions on my brain. I've been through the asking God over and over "Why me?" However, recently I've begun to accept my MS diagnosis, so I had pretty much stopped asking "Why Me?" and questioning God "Haven't I been through enough in my lifetime? Why this on top of everything else?". However when I'm in the throws of a bad episode of symptoms, such as all day yesterday, which worsened as the day and night went on, I began questioning God again, but at the same time, praying that he heals me at least to the point that I am not experiencing the unbearable symptoms. My biggest challenge so far is dealing with the symptoms and accepting the diagnosis. My hopes and dreams are at this point that I stabilize. That my MS symptoms are diminished if not completely alleviated. I also hope that my MS is not of the fast progressive type. My biggest dream would be a cure for MS. A little personal info about myself. I'm 42 years old. I live in great state of Texas born and bred. I'm a very happily married wife for 18 years to my absolutely wonderful husband. I'm a doggie Mama to 3 very special doggie babies. My husband and I do not have any 2 legged children. I'm a major Dallas Cowboys fanatic. I'm disabled due to my many physical and mental health issues.


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Hobbies and other interestsI love my Dallas Cowboys! I love to read both fluff novels and deep meaning books. I love to hang out with my dear friends. I'm a recovering alcoholic sober for over 3 years and coming up on my 4th year April 1st.

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