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Hi All, Back in Aug 2018 my wife and I were driving to Canada to see her family. Day one of the drive went uneventful. When we got to my sister-in-law's house in Saint John I got out of the car with numb feet. Thinking that I may have sat the wrong way in the car I shrugged it off. Unfortunately, the numbness in my feet got worse and began moving up my legs. I made it through the two week vacation, made it home with feet like bricks...and made an appointment to see my neurologist. Then it got worse. Numbness went into my thighs and crotch. Dr. sent me to the hospital...5 scans...spinal tap...and more bloodwork than I could have imagined. In addition, high doses of steroids. Condition got a bit better... Images showed an inflammation at T7... My neurologist and I have been monitoring T7 each month with MRI...then on my early January MRI another lesion showed up at T9. He recommended I see an MS doctor...which I did this past Friday. She confirmed the diagnosis of MS. The journey begins...numb legs and all...but I am a fighter... Kent

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