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In June 2015, I was having double/blurry vision. I went to the optometrist thinking I just needed new contacts and glasses. After a very long exam, I was diagnosed with sixth nerve palsy. (My optic nerve was fine.) The optometrist wanted me to get an MRI to make sure there was no underlying condition causing this. My vision was normal within 2 weeks. I went for the MRI and he called when he got the results. He said there was evidence of demylination which often indicates MS, but said he thought I was "too old" to get MS - I was 42 - but I should see a neurologist ASAP because it was abnormal. I didn't really know anything about MS before this. I made an appointment with a neurologist. He wanted more tests. He sent me for 2 more MRIs and a spinal tap. July 2015 I had my appointment to get the results and my husband went with me. The doctor said "You have MS." I was shocked, stunned, etc! I didn't feel sick, had no symptoms, no one in my family has it..it made no sense to me. He explained MS, showed us the scans with the lesions, explained the choices for medication and recommended Tecfidera. We asked questions, but most of that day was a blur. I went home and did exactly what he told me not to - I surfed the internet and read everything and scared myself to death. I also started researching MS Specialists and within a week I made an appointment with a top specialist in NYC. My insurance did not cover it, but we wanted a second opinion and we wanted it to be from the best specialist we could find. After my exam, he agreed with my neurologist, but called it CIS due to only 1 episode. He said due to the number of lesions, it would most likely progress to RRMS at some point. He was in agreement that I needed to be on meds immediately. So, at that point, I had to believe it - I have MS. It has been a crazy year trying to get used to the idea that I have a lifelong illness. I have been very lucky, though - no more relapses and only a few minor symptoms. My plan is to stay on the meds, see the docs as scheduled and stay informed. That is about all I can do - live my life, don't let fear take over and try to stay positive.


Type of MS Relapsing-Remitting MS (RRMS)
First experienced symptoms2015
First Diagnosed 2015
Symptoms Fatigue, Vision Problems
Treatments Tecfidera


Living Well with MS Employment and education, Emotional support
Getting Involved Walk MS
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