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  • Age 43
  • Relationship Divorced

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I was dx in 2006 after almost 10 years of symptoms, then i found out my dad had MS and was finally tested through MRI then lumbar puncture. Its been a long road of meds that all didnt agree with me. working not working. i tried for SSDI 3x alone lost 4th time with a lawyer lost, then tried working on and off and 2014 was back out of work on disability due to MS and tried again this time with representation, lost 2x won at the hearing level finally. about 11 yrs. later. It has been a long confusing road and my daily pain and fatigue and anything that no one can see is the hardest part. I push thru the pain ALOT thinking i have something to prove, because you know when we look ok we MUST be ok. Anyway now here i am 42 needing a place to live and getting money from the state that NO human can actually live on makes the future look bleak and depression much worse. As i try to be optimistic and pray ALOT just to get thru this life as I wonder what I am really here for. God must have a plan I feel so useless now and confused. Living with my mom after so long its pretty bad. GUess it could always be worse but its my bad and hoping and praying that something good comes out of this life for me.

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