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My fiancé and I had been dating for a few months when he got the official MS diagnosis. Until then we had hoped that it was something else, something easily treated. He had gotten to the point that he was unable to walk without assistance, which he only accepted grudgingly. My daughter and myself became his crutches. He had been a welder for his entire adult life, since the age of 18. He welded all over the world and made an excellent living. He is divorced, and the father of four children. He was paying $2000 a month in child support to his ex-wife, but obviously has not been able to pay that since he became unable to work. His wife is not the most understanding, and is trying to have him arrested for being behind on his support. We have filed for disability, hired a lawyer, and have had no luck. I work two part time (29 hrs/wek) jobs, around the clock. After a solid year of working like this, caring for my daughter and attending to his needs, I'm exhausted. I am falling behind at work, and I am still unable to pay our bills. We don't have any "extras" like cable or satellite tv, but I'm not even covering the basics. We are losing our home, and have no money to get another one. I feel like I am failing my family and have nowhere to turn. I am losing hope that we will be able to survive until his disability comes through. I can only work so much, and unfortunately my income earning ability is nothing like his. I suppose I am just looking for advice on how to get through this difficult phase. It kills me that while he still has some mobility at times, we are unable to make memories for later, when his mobility will be even worse. Thanks for listening. :)

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