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I grew up in a small town in upstate NY. It seems like MS was always part of my life because my Aunt Ruth was bed bound with SPMS as long as I can remember. I became a Candy Striper as a young teen so I could help her in her Skilled Nursing Center where she lived. The time spent with my Aunt led me directly to Nursing school and my RN career. In 1987 ( 6 weeks after delivering our child ), I developed a sudden onset of severe fatigue one evening while a co-worker and her newborn were visiting. I had to excuse myself and go to bed. The following morning, I had severe dysarthria ( It sounded like I'd had a stroke when I tried to speak). I had a CT that showed nothing and the symptoms resolved within a week or so. In June of 2000 I began having fatigue again along with equilibrium disturbances, numbness in my feet and several other vague symptoms. After a Spinal Tap and MRI the diagnosis of MS was made. I was FREAKED - the only vision I had of MS was NOT a pretty one! I had several episodes of visual disturbance with vertigo and uncontrolled vomiting that were treated at the ER with IV Dramamine. I live in Florida and was totally intolerant to heat at the time. Fortunately, My MS calmed down and I was able return to work after about a year. I remained stable with Avonex for several years . In 1998 I began having flares and my Neurologist gave me the " 3 Strikes You're Out Cookie " talk, I stopped working at that time and began Rebif. I REALLY missed my interaction with co-workers and patients. In 2011 when I lived barefooted in cut off shorts and T-shirts and life seemed to have no meaning I decided to "Get a Life" and became an Avon Lady. So, on good days you'll find me playing Avon and on rough days I plan my attack. I actually came here today because I am about ready to start my first round of Acthar and I'd like to hear some feedback from others who have used it.


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