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Hi, I'm Lauren and I am from Mississippi. Multiple Sclerosis has greatly impacted my life this past year. My mother who is only 47 was diagnosed with MS last December. As a nurse I understood very well what was capable of happening to my mother. It by far has been one of the biggest turmoils I've ever had to endure in my life. All of the fears from my childhood of losing my mother too soon became reality that day in December. I'm strong and never break down because my mother is strong and shows no signs of fear. Not only is she fighting this disease, but she is going to fight for the cure. She's risking her own life in search of the cure so that hopefully one day no one else ever has to know what a day in the life of a MS patient is like. She will be undergoing a MS study done by Dr. Richard Burt in Chicago starting January the 6th. The first week consists of testing in preparation for treatment then She will undergo the harvesting of her own stem cells from her bone marrow which will then be frozen. She then will receive chemotherapy treatment for two months and then the stem cells that were previously harvested will be reinfused. This procedure is a immune system "reboot" of sorts. Though the multiple sclerosis still exists within the brain it is no longer active because of having a new immune system that no longer attacks the brain. Dr. Burt has successfully completed these treatments a few times and he is very close to a cure. But as you can imagine it is very costly even with insurance and with having to relocate for 3 months to Chicago. So please, anyone out there affected by MS open your hearts and support the cause. Help my mother on her trip to Chicago. It would mean the world to our family. Help me save someone that I love, and at the same time you know it will be beneficial for the person you love too. Thank you. http://www.gofundme.com/hsez18


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