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I believe i had optic neuritis when I was a teenager, and at the time I was not diagnosed with MS. Years later, I had another episode of optic neuritis in my early 20s. I was referred to a neuro-opthamologist who suggested I may have MS. I underwent further investigations and was referred to an MS clinic and was followed by a neurologist for many years. In my mid 20s, I had a relapse where I had reduced sensation in my lower half of my body. My motor function was unaffected. A spine MRI confirmed lesions in my spinal cord, the brain MRI confirmed activity in the lesions. Mind you, there were changes in my brain MRI every year. I was diagnosed with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (RRMS) and was started on immunomodulator with anti-inflammatory properties, Aubagio. I suffered hair loss three months after I started on the medication. I am now married, and plan to start a family. I stopped taking aubagio and am currently on copaxone injections.


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