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The first time I remember an me attack was when I was 15yr and I woke up one morning, in the top bunk of my bed, and my right leg was completely numb. Being so young I jumped out of bed, yes walking?, went to my Mom and she wasn't to concerned because a month or so before i had knee surgery on my right knee. She thought it all went together, needles to say that was my first memory of my life with MS. For another 10 years I had numbness travel to every limb, one by one, and was even paralyzed in my right hand for months. After I had my first son in 1999 I began having bladder problems and trying and falling all the time. I had gone to so many doctors and been poked and prodded with know answers I was ready to just give up and live with the diagnosis of " unexplainable numbness" the doctors had given me. I was so sick and do depressed because who is going to believe your that sick when a doctor can't? Mine day in July of 2003 I met my Angel. I was having some blurred vision and mutt eye doctor diagnosed a minor issue that was treatable, but he sent me for a routine MRI anyways. The results came back suspicion of MS ( something I always new I had) anyways he sent me to the neurologist and in March of 2004 I finally had my answer. Knowing that I had MS made such a difference. I started researching with a positive outlook and family support I began my journey of living with RRMS.


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