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My Mother was finally diagnosed correctly after a few years of wondering what was going on with her, you see this was over 40+ years ago when they had really no idea what MS was and she was always being misdiagnosed by doctors, it was in her head, she was over weight or she was just tired and it was normal.I remember my father sitting down all my sisters and my brother to tell us my Mom was going to die and that the more she was stressed with anything the faster this would happen, we were young and the information to this horrible disease was very little known about why she got it or what it would do to her, I have to say this made us all grow up a little bit faster. We got lucky we had the best Doctor who knew what he could do for our Mother and gave us so much help and time with her but on Feb 23rd, 1995 my Mother died of complications of MS 22 years we thought we would not have with her, she was able to see all of us kids graduate from High School, get married and have children of our own. After 19 years since she has passed I have witness through friends and other relatives that have MS have better advantages to help slow the process of MS down, I have every year raise money with our local walk and I am involved in our Fresno MS Chapter to continue to raise money to fight and know that one day there will be a cure so until that day I will continue to fight in my Mothers name Nancy Ann Fredrickson Zavala!!


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