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My story is pretty quick. One 2/2/15 I lost vision in my left eye. I thought it was nothing, but something at the same time so I went to the eye doc who referred me to a neuro opthamologist. That doctor then sent me for an MRI on 2/11 and by the afternoon he called and mentioned MS. Put me on steroids for my eye and told me I needed to see a neurologist to confirm. I was able to see the neurologist on 2/25 who confirmed it…..She gave me info on all the medicine options. My neuro was unable to tell me how long I have had MS but I’m sure it’s been a few years. I’ve had body aches, bad coordination, fatigue & mood swings for the last few years but they didn’t effect me much so I didn’t think much of it. I really thought it was age, that after 30, things go down hill! Guess it was just me and my lesions ☹


Type of MS Newly Diagnosed with MS, Relapsing-Remitting MS (RRMS)
First experienced symptoms2015
First Diagnosed 2015
Symptoms Fatigue, Numbness, Vision Problems, Pain, Depression
Treatments Rebif

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