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I was diagnosed in 2003, but major symptoms arose in 2001. I have since about 8th grade faced periodic dizziness, but never knew it was due to MS. Things started to flare up the end of 2000, but MS was not diagnosed until 2003. Originally I was on Betaserone, had a an exacerbation causing my legs to become weak. The doctor I was seeing at the time kept telling me not to worry about what an exacerbation is, so I ignored this weakness and it was an exacerbation which lead to me getting weakness in my legs if walking or exercising too much. Fortunately in switching to Copaxone, which I asked to happen, the doctor did not, I have been ok for years. on In the last 5 years I have had 9 surgeries, some due to a fall on grease in a restaurant, then being hit in my car, 1 doctors messing up foot surgery, and a radiologist misdiagnosing an ear acoustic neuroma, and one laughing at me when I told him my symptoms, as I was loosing my hearing all within a month. I made the mistake of looking up doctors in NJ top doctors magazine, which I have now been told never follow those suggestions. we were new to NJ and did not know any doctors. But with all of this pain and stress my MS has hung in there. How lucky I am. Now though I am so incredibly worried about having to switch to the new generics. My insurance is making me do that. I would so greatly appreciate any feedback people may have about having to also switch to the new generics. I keep reading negative reviews, but I imagine there must be some positive reviews? I would love any information people might have about the new generics. Thank you

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