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I started having MS symptoms around 1997-98, the first was dizziness, to the point of nearly blacking out. I thought i had an inner ear infection, went to the Dr. and got some antibiotics for it. after a week or so, it cleared up. It was also around this time I started getting tired a lot easier than normal but, just put that down to getting older. I had also had a unexplained significant weight gain [ don't know if this is typical or even related] anyway it was another thing I put down to getting older. The dizzy spells continued off and on over the next three to four years and each time, I figured it was an inner ear thing and each time it would pass in 3-4 weeks. Then in 1999 I had a dizzy spell that was so frightening, so intense that an ambulance was called. I was taken to the hosp. where they ran some tests but no MRi, and was discharged with no explaination, just if it happens again, see your regular Dr. My energy level was horrible, I felt tired ALL the time. It didn't matter how well I slept, I was just tired. It was about this time tremors started, and I thought, If i can just get some real rest. Then it stopped, for about 2 years, I had no dizzy spells, my energy came back to a normal level, no tremors...nothing. Anyway, It did turn out to be mS, and when I finally got the diagnosis in 2010...I thought about it for a minute....and decided that 'It's just another ride" . I am still going to live my everyday, just as I want, Ms may be something that I have, but it is NOT what I am. even if there are days [there are] that I can hardly get around, or even out of bed, at least it's not everyday, and even tho i get frustrated, I try to stay positive. I also try to find the humor in it, and there is humor in most everything...I use a cane when I need it, so I took my cane and had a friend BLING it out, it's so SPARKLY, and beJEWELED....If i gotta use, then I wanna own it.....Everybody will see that cane and say...wow, wish I had one of THOSE!!! They haven't said it yet....But, I KNOW THEY THINK IT!!!! :) and at work, if I mess up something, or forget...I blame it on my MS. I say, Harold...I got MS....and smile sweetly. He told me once, you cant keep blaming EVERY SCREW UP ON YOUR MS. I said , yes I can, and the Americans with disabilities act of 1972, says I can get by with it.! Once, I was stocking shelves and had been having trouble grasping things with my left hand, so I was predominately using my Right hand that day when boss walked by and said, " You know, we do pay you to use BOTH hands" I replied " Really? Cause my paycheck does not reflect that, Both hands will require a raise.". Dont get me wrong...I do my job, am respected at my work place and work for the best people and company ever, [ Houchens Industries} It's just the way I deal with it. It do hope that there is a cure found, soon, not only for ms but, all autoimmune diseases. My son who is 24, had severe Crohns, my sister has Crohns and RA, my brother has Myathis Gravis [hope i spelled that one right] So I see the effects of different autoimmune diseases all around me. i do have a theory as to why they are becoming so prevalent today, but thats another topic for another time.


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Hobbies and other interestsI love to paint and draw, I have sold several pieces, and tho I am no match for the masters, I can make Bob Ross proud! I enjoy reading but have begun having trouble with my eyes, so that I can't read as much as i would like sometimes. I enjoy meeting people.

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