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I started to have MS symptoms in January of 2010 when I slipped on some ice and landed diore3ctly on my tailbone. Twice. I then continued walking and found myself stumbling like I was drunk. Managed to make it to a bench where I sat for a few minutes, afraid to get up. Fin ally did get up and everything seemed fine. So I continued my walking with no issues. But when I got home, I could not open the front door as I could not work a key with my left hand. My right hand was fine however. I also noticed that I could not see certain colors out of one of my eyes. I called my doctor, who ordered an MRI. Once he saw the MRI, he then referred me to a neurologist. And my MS treatment began.


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Hobbies and other interestsUsed to love bowling and golf. Since those are no longer an option, I live vicariously through my son, who loves bowling.

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