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In 2010 I started losing vision in my left eye, over the course of 2 weeks I went completely blind in my left eye. I was sent to many different neurologists and opthomologists, and opthoneurologists, went for MRI and lumbar puncture, test after test to no avail all I was told was it was idiopathic optic neuritis. I was scared away by a horrible experience because I was a long way away from home and so I just waited without any treatment other than low dose oral steroids which made matters worse and after 9 months my vision finally returned 100%. I then went 2 months with my vision back 100% and was so grateful however at the end of that 2 months of having my vision back I went completely blind again in that same eye. Being to scared I just figured that I would just deal through it and was too scared to go back to a ton of doctors that poke and prod just to give me no answers. Since 2010 I have had 6 relapses of optic neuritis including right now with the exception that it is in both eyes but left eye is worse and though I'm not totally blind it is still so scary because I've never had it in both eyes at the same time. I never sought treatment because I went through such a traumatic experience in 2010. I went to nursing school in which I learned a ton of information about MS and other demyelinating disorders of the nervous system. I was unable to go to the doctor when I was ready to accept that I needed to because until now I had no insurance. I've now had a brain MRI that shows multiple chronic/mature sites of demyelination in different parts of my brain. No lesions were found in my spine. I have been started on copaxone in which I am only 4 days in to injections. I have not been officially diagnosed with MS yet and I am waiting to find out what my next step is. I am new to this and need all the help and support I can get!


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