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Hi, my MS first started around 2001, these were just nagging weird issues that no doctor could figure out. In 2003 my family moved to hot, humid Texas(yech). After being there about a year my husband was diagnosed with cancer! He was unable to work- I went back to work, went to treatments with him as well and took care of my young sons. I was under so much stress that it was making my symptoms become more obvious. We finally moved back to Colorado in September of 2005- I was dealing daily with wierd and random issues while continuing to work every day. Finally, Optic Neuritis took the vision from my left eye- that got the E.R. doctors attention, LOL! I was finally officially diagnosed on November 4th 2005. As crazy as it might sound, I was thrilled! I was thrilled because I had an answer instead of this- I must want attention or I must want drugs or something else to crazy... Unfortunately, the doctors gave me a lot of medications trying to make up for lost time maybe?? The amount of steroids by IV and oral and other medicines managed to cause me to have a massive seizure and beat my face against a cement parking block outside of my work. Luckily, I have no memory of what happened but I did break my jaw off completely break my nose, fractured my orbital and had knocked out several of my teeth! I required to have in a complete facial reconstruction and most people cannot even tell, lucky me right?!? In the years that follow I generally had at least two exacerbations a year, there severities varied each time. Sometimes I could not walk, or see or once I could hardly breathe! From my diagnosis day until 2 years ago I was on either Rebif, Copaxone- even chemotherapy once! I am doing better now, I am taking Aubagio- I am even driving again!! There is so much more but, I figure that is what the groups and discussions are all about, am I right?

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