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I was diagnosed with MS 35 years ago. Mostly, my symptoms were very manageable. I got married, had a son (he's 30 now), worked, lived a life. I hardly ever thought about my MS. A lot of people didn't even know I had it. A few years ago, it started relapsing. I have trouble with my balance and walking. It is difficult for me to lift my right leg. I walk with a cane now, sometimes use a walker/rollator or wheelchair and stopped driving 5 years ago. It's not always easy, but for those newly diagnosed, I would say to just keep plugging away. MS is very unpredictable, but so is life. Just keep doing what you can. Don't let MS defeat you. We are all a lot stronger than we give ourselves credit for. Physical therapy is great. They can teach you techniques to help stay strong. And a positive attitude helps more than anything.


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