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MS first major affect on body was in august 2006. I suffered optic nervitous in my left eye. i have had deprssion and exhaustion for many years,'never realized it was symptoms of MS.in the 3 years the pain ,falls and acccidents have become more frequent.i have lost my nuerologist , do yo Them no longer taking Medcaid. and i will run out of injections in 2 weeks .the closest dr.is 70 miles.away.but i been getting this feeling in my body like i am getting shocked by a exposed wire and it makes my aneixety worse .it's been going on for 3 years now yet the last 2 neruos i have seen do not listen when i tell them this. also in the last two years i have broke my ,foot,6 ribs,and now a bone in my back.

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