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MS showed itself with my first symptom of optic neuritis. I was twenty.There was no diagnosis until the MRI was developed and at forty I knew. I lived for twenty years with minor primary symptoms until my left leg wouldn't clear the sidewalk. MS was a very slow progression until I was fifty. At the time I needed to use a mobility scooter as walking became very limited. I live in San Francisco and it seemed one day I was riding my bike up and down hills but within a decade or two I was now given a diagnosis of secondary progressive. I went on Avonex along with taking Zanaflex for the stiffness. At sixty, I decided to stop the Avonex. My anxiety kicked in and was given Zoloft which helped immensely. I started walking around the block, climbing stairs. I can still drive just fine but the scooter allows me the freedom to get my errands done quickly and not fatiguing my body. Many of my stories are on my website. I must admit I have smoked marijuana from the first symptom to present day. I believe it has allowed me to continue my life as a cook, as I suffer with no eating dis-orders and it helps with the spasticity and a host of other symptoms. After retiring from my professional life, I joined The Osher Lifelong Institute. I take classes several days a week and have met a host of new friends. No one seems to mind my mode of transportation. I wrote a short book called "Pulling at Straws." you can find it on Amazon and e-books. It's a journey filled with adventure as I realized something wasn't quite right. We all have burdens to bear. Attitude is the key.


Type of MS Secondary-Progressive MS (SPMS)
First experienced symptoms1973
First Diagnosed 1996
Symptoms Bladder Dysfunction, optic neuritis
Treatments Acupuncture, Avonex, Cannabis, Diet


Research Research news
Hobbies and other interestsi'm a writer, a cook and a student at Osher Lifelong Learning Institute

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