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I've been living with MS since 1987. Most times people are surprised when I mention my MS and how long I've lived with this frustrating disease. The usual response "you look good, I'd never have known!" I've been extremely lucky. The first wierd thing that happened and started me on this roller coaster of a journey was at my job. While in Germany I felt jobs were limited since I knew no German. As a result I applied at a bank on Ramstein AFB . While there experienced a problem with my vision. All words and numbers were swimming and I was not crying. This was before the use of computers and you had to check a list of names who were what I called "problem children ". The list was long and how was I supposed cash checks if I couldn't read the names! Needless to say, I closed my window and went home. I tried to make an appointment and was told appointments weren't for headaches. My how times have changed! They can't do that now, it wouldn't be politically correct. I hung up and called back to speak with someone else. I told a fib and did get to see a doctor. I'm thankful my OB/Gyn was familiar with MS. She referred me to Landstuhl Army Post since they had a Neurology department. (Currently, this is where all military go for medical care when hurt during their deployments.). Testing was nerve wracking. I felt like a pin cushion. After several visits and numerous blood tests, I was referred to a Neurologist, a couple more blood tests and finally referred to a German university for my MRI. I can't begin to describe the experience. The MRI was so loud I felt I was in a 50 gallon drum that was being bashed by baseball bats. Thank God the new MRI machines are quieter. I have had other eye problems double and quadruple vision. It was wierd to have to always turn my head since my vision went nuts when I would glance right or left (peripheral vision). That happened a couple of times but it never lasted longer than a couple of hours each time. I thought I was overtired and never said a word. We came back stateside and joined the Mississippi Mayors Awareness committee for the handicapped. I made many new friends, joined a MS support group and even learned some "stuff". This was in the early 80's and the government was pushing for ADA compliance. We're getting there, but there's always room for improvement. I used to do a lot of crafts but have lost interest in most. I used to say if it was legal I did it! Now I'm always thinking I want to do stuff, but I lose interest soo fast it's comical. Of course, my husband thinks I have too much craft "junk" and never passes up the opportunity to let me know what he thinks. I retired early (I worked Civil Service and didn't want to mess with the Joint Base problems I expected). I was offered a Squadron Secretary position twice and turned them down. I didn't want to let anyone down. I was an Administrative Assistant. (A glorified paper pusher who was no longer needed due to the computer age.) I had/have memory/cognitive problems. After a few months, I was encouraged to apply for SSI. I now receive a small retirement and a little SSI. Life is good. I have a good husband who takes care of everything and my children and grandchildren are all nearby.


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