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Hello After being diagnosed with MS, Multiple Sclerosis in 2009 my self esteem was shot. My career was over, I now collect disability, fixed income. I knew a traditional job was not going to happen and I didn't want a job for the handicapped. I wanted more. Like you I thought long and hard about my future, I knew I wanted to be an advocate for MS research and awareness. So I started a blog called "Blessed with MS". Initially I felt better but blogging wasn't paying the bills. I had to come up with something else. And I did find it. A friend's (Orlando Wright) son (Chris) was diagnosed with MS at the tender age of 24. Chris was on a basketball scholarship to a major Division 1 college and has the goal of playing in the NBA. We all know discrimination happens in the work world and for Chris its no different. He has decided to play overseas to pay his family's bills. The point? He has attacked his disease and has set up fund raisers and a website to bring awareness to MS. He has given me (58 yrs old) the courage to publicly embrace my future. But I am not going to do that nor do you have to. What I will show you is a real business that can be done from home, from a walker (like I do) or from a wheelchair I have decided to share this business with you because we are of the same kindred spirit, we have the same difficulties facing and battling MS daily. The constant dialog I hear from MS disability patients is "that my disability check is not enough or I don't feel like I am contributing or is this all there is..." I don't expect every MS patient to see things the way I do and to join us. But if you have the desire the fire in the belly. then we need to talk The videos are linked below. Then reread this letter, it will make more sense the 2nd time after the videos. Short and sweet videos that will outline the company goals and opportunity. From there I will work one on one with you to duplicate the plan and to put the unique twists on it I have discovered. MS is our common denominator, we both have it lets do something about it. If you can follow a plan, if you can cut n paste to social sites like Facebook and especially to special interest groups like this one, where you found me, then the blueprint will work for you. The future is bright. Thanks and have a blessed day Michael Donovin 919 323 9655 P.S. This is not a fund raiser nor a scam. And certainly it is not a tired work at home business selling snake oil, bitgold, credit cards, freeeats, vitamins or disease cure alls etc... It's s real The First Look https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sNMyKgNCygI ; Part 2 You Mean There’s More https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RoZwgrc3nww The really BIG deal is the fact that everyone who joins from the Fox TV Campaign is going to be placed under the existing founders. md

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