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I am 43 years old. I live in upstate New York. I am very happily married to my husband, we are celebrating our 25 anniversary this year. Two sons 22, and 24 years old. My oldest son is married and they just blessed our family with a grandaughter on 12/25/11 who is such a blessing to us. I had gastric bypass surgery in 2008, which helped me to become an healthy, energetic, exercising nut....a year ago I received a totally clean bill of heath, lab values perfect, for the first time in my life I was considered a normal weight and I was the happiest I have ever been. I was a multitasking animal with so much positive energy I was amazing to myself and everyone who knew how far I had come from sick and obese. I inspiried alot of people to get healthy. Then one day last August I noticed by big toes were numb, didn't think much of it....then holy crap did I start to lose it. By the end of August I failed a nursing test (I am 3 courses away from my RN degree). I have NEVER failed a test.....then in September I missed a test, I was confused as to what day it was. I decided it was probably a metabolic disorder because I was confused and numb from head to my toes.....and I was also incontinent of urine and stool at times which was totally unacceptable.... Longer story Shorter....No metabolic problems, perfect labs, no Lymes disease, etc. Spinal tap negative, CT of head/brain didn't show a brain tumor (which I was convinced I had). So a coworker connected me with my neurologist. He said he didn't think it was MS, we did a course of IV steriod treatments and I did get better......for 2 1/2 weeks I was perfect, could feel everything and mentally sharp again. Went back to neurologist, more labs, MRI's, EMG's, etc. Nothing positive for MS....so WTH was wrong with me?!? In April 2012 my liver function tests were severly elevated for not reason. My neuro and gastro doctor thought maybe I had a virus that attacked my brain CNS and liver and it should resolve. Now I am in my second relapse in 8 months, just finished iv steriod treatments. This relapse is pretty severe. Was diagnosed with RRMS on 6/27/12. Starting copazone on 7/9/12. There is more to the story, if interested in connecting let me know and we can.


Hobbies and other interestsexercising indoor and outdoor, EMS, gardening (need to learn how to), advocacy for MS awareness, LOVE bike riding and being active, happy and healthy!

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