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MS became a "word" to me in my young life. Both of my beautiful funny children were born after my diagnosis. There are less things that I have not had than what I have had. I have lost vision in one eye before (I see fine now), been in a wheelchair for a short period, bladder and bowel troubles, FATIGUE, and other things that I just won't go on listing. BUT I realize how blessed I am. I am still ambulatory after all these years. I love to have fun, experience new adventures and continue to have a good outlook on life. One day I hope to meet a good guy who wants to enjoy life, have fun, and just have someone to live life with. I feel like I have a lot to offer. I am so hopeful that one day soon that cure for MS will be found. I am thankful for the MS Society and all the many people who give to make that cure possible. I mean look at it.....we have so many new drugs that people in the 50s never dreamed of having. There is always HOPE !! I believe.


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