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  • Age 52
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I was 45 years old. It was Fathers Day weekend, so I'm happy I got my husband a gift to be delivered on fathers day , I made plans with friends to go and have dinner in a nice place. That saterday my stomach is numb, I say don't have time.On Sunday my left side of my body is numb I say don't have time, and I continue with my plans . The gift came to the door, he has his gift , I'm tired but we are going out to dinner. the next morning Monday I wake up to pee and I can't feel a thingfrom the neck down. I told my husband and he took me to the hospital . I was thinking that I have cancer because i smoke for so many years, but I was wrong I have MS . Cancer you die . MSyou learn to live with it.You can say I don't like it I feel that because I don"t have alot of money I miss out on alot of things. I heard on the news afew weeks ago that they are going to do stem cell research for people with MS. Maybe some body has info. on that.


First experienced symptoms2013
First Diagnosed 2013
Symptoms Fatigue, Bowel Dysfunction, Sexual Dysfunction, Pain, Emotional Changes, Depression, Headache, Itching
Treatments Tecfidera, Vitamin D

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