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when i first started to have symptom i didn't know what was going on. All i knew ''was that my knees was giving me touble.i would still go to work every day .i didn't undrestand what was going on.when i couldn't take it ant longer that's when i siad its time to go see a Doctor.And i did just that. After about two weeks in the hospital,I got the news that i have MS ,i except the news but still didn't know to much about ms.So i can home and started my research.I stop working and just took it easy.My life change,not because of MS.but because of me.The state of mine i was in.So i will tell anyone who has just been told or knew for a while that he or she has MS.,to keep on living .don't think u have to stop working.you can still live a normal life just take care of yourself.Live,Laugh and Love


Type of MS Primary-Progressive MS (PPMS)
First experienced symptoms2000
First Diagnosed 2002
Symptoms Numbness, Walking (Gait), Balance, & Coordination Problems, Pain
Treatments Avonex, Exercise, Physical Therapy


Living Well with MS Healthy living
Research Research news
Hobbies and other interestsjust being able to take care of my childen,sounds funny but that that

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