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I was told I had MS back in 2009. I don't know how long I'd had it before then. It has changed my hole life to be told that out of 3 other brothers I'm the only one that had it. I am the oldest and the smallest sibling. I go to bed each night wondering in the back of my mind that tomorrow I could wake up to not being able to use my legs, my arms or could I go blind. I just didn't know really what could happen. I first started to notice things happening to my body around 2009. I was having problems going to the bathroom but it wasn't all the time just sometimes. I started forgetting things and not seeing things that was rite in front of me. It drove me crazy. The hardest time I started having is this summer 2015. I would go to bed early each night and still be so worn out the next day. This went on about 3 weeks and that's when I started to find out if other people had the same problems. I had other problems that I was to emberased to talk about but the fatigue was taking a big toll on me ,my job and my family. I'm still having problems with that. But since it has gotten cooler it's not as bad. There'sThere's not a lot of programs here were I live, so my doctor told me about MSAA and I'm glad she did. This is my first time really that I've talked about this crazy thing I had. Well I'm not so good talking to people about my problems so Ill give site a chance. I hope to connect with someone here on this site so I'll give it a shot.


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