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Jan 27, 2016 I kept tripping and my right leg was dragging. Jan 28, I got an odd spiraling pain in my back. Then I got the flu. Jan 29, I started to lose function in my right arm. Jan 30 I'm not sure what is happening. Jan 31 I am in the ER, Feb 2nd I am being diagnosed with MS. April 8th, I am fully confirmed that I have MS. It's been 5 days of absorbing this and almost three months of side effects, tons of tests, lots of sickness, and yet, I look fine. Inside, my head has pressure every day that makes me nauseous or dizzy. My ear muffles. I am itching all the time. I can feel my lesion "activate" and the day changes course immediately. I'm 44 years old, I have 4-5 old lesions on my brain and a one new one which came in with a bang. Right now, I face a tidal wave of medication choices and I feel lost. Trying to juggle work, my family, my diagnosis. My bills keep mounting, the doctor appointments keep coming and time keeps running out on me. But I look fine. This is my major MS moment. I'm in it right now and doing everything I can to keep my compass pointing north. My biggest challenge is not letting my mind run away with this.


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