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My first symptoms started the day after I lost my husband. He had collapsed on me and when he did, I thought he fell on me and injured my leg. I had trouble walking the following day. The most severe symptom happened when I fell and couldn't get up. Being medical I knew I had MS. Another nurse I worked with was also diagnosed with MS. Strange that two of us working same job with same equipment, ie Cidex. Went to a specialist, had an MRI of head and C spine. The C spine also revealed two lung cancers...so TG for MS! LOL. I have been on Rebif treatment and recent MRI and CT's all good. I continue to have leg symptoms, cognitive thinking trouble and fatigue. I still work full time but it's getting harder to do. My job actually just put me down to 20 hrs weekly with loss of all my benefits, ugh. Tough going financially. I also have a 17 year old son to raise. One day at a time and take it as it comes is all I can tell someone newly diagnosed. Keep your chin up.


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