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Well, my story is a long one. I was diagnosed many years ago, as with all MS patients it was a diagnosis of exclusion. I was a Registered Nurse for almost 10 years with a specialty in Neuro Intensive Care. So, I knew what was happening was not a good thing. As with 80-90% of patients I was given a diagnosis of RRB( Relapse Remit Benigne). It is now know as RR( Relapse Remit) the benigne part was removed because how can MS be benigne. For 10 years I have the new diagnosis of Secondary Progressive. This has been real tough on me. I had to leave a profession after nearly 37 years that I really loved and had to go on disability. Last year my MS has really progressed and is now in several critical areas of my brain. Those are: the Corpus Callosum, the Brain Stem and the Cerebellum. It has been devastating.

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