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I was very fortunate I had shadow nerve flair on the right side of my face the first week of March 2010 - my Dr. said it may be MS or other possibilities. She said if it gets worse or continues to follow up with her. The shadow flair lasted about 4 days then went away. Two weeks later [either it was on a Monday or Tuesday] it started up again on the right side of my face; it was a persistent burn or instant torch that lasted less than a second. It was too much so I went back to my Dr. on Thursday, she said it sounds like MS; I had an MRI that night. She called me to come see her the next day - told me there are spots on the right side of my brain and it maybe MS. She told me she set me up to see a Neurologist the following Tuesday. He got my MRI report told me I have plaques on the right side of my brain and diagnosed MS [the burning on my face went away that week]. I started Copaxone in April 2010, the last week of April my feet had their first flair it was at that time my Neurologist confirmed that I had MS – my feet have been active every day ever since. When my Dr. told me it is most likely MS, my only concern was what next? It didn’t occur to me to be upset about it – my brother at that time had level 7-8 MS; I have several friends with MS and my wife has SD. So my Dr. was concerned about my reaction – with due cause but I had and have the 3 F’s on my side: Faith, Family & Friends. I have always been very religious, and have solid belief in God. Due to being surrounded by family& friends with auto-immune diagnosis’s – oddly enough, I found it rather amusing that at age 47 I was diagnosed with MS. There was no anger, depression or denial - just acceptance. Fatigue was my next big adventure, being hyper-active – took me about 6 months to figure out what it was that was slowing me down – my Neurologist prescribed Modafinil – and it works. Cold, shoes & socks are my nemesis: the pressure of having anything on my feet sets off my MS-so I wear flip-flops if shoes are required & slip on sandals at work otherwise I am always barefoot. Cold, it sets my feet on fire: too much cold - my arms get bone cold and fatigue sets in. Consequently -heat is my friend – the hotter it is the better I thrive.


Type of MS Relapsing-Remitting MS (RRMS)
First experienced symptoms2010
First Diagnosed 2010
Symptoms Fatigue, Swallowing Problems, Nerve flare below Kness = burning feet
Treatments Copaxone


Living Well with MS Insurance and money matters, Healthcare
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Hobbies and other interestsBiking, poetry, gaming, doll houses, yard work, home improvement, reading

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