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On Friday, November 16th, 2018 I went to the hospital because I have a history of high blood pressure and both of my feet were numb. I thought maybe I had a slipped disk, edema or pinched nerve. The doctor took some bloodwork, and it showed I had low potassium levels. Doc said to go home and eat a banana. Two days later I went back to the hospital because my numbness had spread up to the waist. They took an MRI and it showed I had lesions on my spine that looked like MS. I could either choose to wait up to 6 months to have testing done as an out patient and then another 4 months for a MS clinic appointment, or stay inpatient have the testing done in a week and then wait 4 months for a MS clinic appointment. So I chose to get the testing over with sooner than later. They did another MRI, it showed my brain was free of lesions. A spinal tap that brought on a MS Hug that has yet to go away. A evoked potential test that was like a mini shock therapy session. And more blood work. I was released on November 22, 2018. The testing was complete. The neurologists have told me I officially (unofficially) have it. I have to wait for until mid-March to go to the MS clinic. Meanwhile I am trying to go back to work. But I am having a very difficult go of waking up on time and emotionally remaining stable. The emotional aspect is one of the hardest for me because I am not normally emotional. My attention span is terrible. My feet and waist have stopped being numb, but my hands are now numb and I can't handle to sensation of touching paper. It is a problem because I am a secretary. Everyday is different. I try to put on a brave face but the migrating symptoms I wake up to every day makes it really hard to hide what I am feeling. I am a mess right now. But I am trying my best.


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