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After being diagnosed with MS, I started college at the age of 28. I will be honest, I was not completely compliant on the Betaseron shots. Who wants the side effects? I was working full-time, going to college part time, and I was a care giver of my husband who was injured in the military seven years earlier. I had no time for MS to slow me down. I did have a few flares along the way. However, I also learned to just let things go. Don't sweat the small stuff, and give the big stuff over to God (or your higher power). Since I was getting an associates in applied science, I had a lot of opportunities to do research and papers on MS. This helped me understand my disease, and release that I am bigger than this disease- this acronym. Thankfully in 2013, they came out with Tecfidera and I have been fully compliant on my medication. I have been flare free since that time as well. I have also gone on to begin my bachelors in science. I will not let this disease stop me now or ever from accomplishing my goals or dreams.


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