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In March of 2011, I was working aboard an aircraft carrier as a shipfitter. As I walked across the flightdeck after retrieving a tool, it hit me. My legs turned to jello.I was practically yelling at my legs in my head to work to "move!" I stumbled back to my jobsite and laid low for a while. In the ensuing weeks it kept happening. I looked up my symptoms and did not like what I saw. It may be MS. My work was slipping. I was a great welder in the morning, but was all over the place in the afternoon. I have always been a bit clumsy and could pawn off my tripping to that. I stuck it out for another year and quit before returning to college. Even in school it was happening to me. I fell down a few times rushing across the campus when I was late for class. I was still hiding it as well as possible. Two and a half years after first major exacerbation, I was still hiding it. I had a very bad one in Sept. 2013 in front of my 17 y.o. daughter. I could hide it no more, and needed to have it checked out. I went to see a neurologist. He thought my motor function was pretty good and thought it may be something else. As a master at hiding it, I have done well thus far in concealing it. He ordered an mri. The mri was lit up like a Christmas tree. Next was a spinal tap that revealed the rest of the puzzle. Yes, I have MS. I don't have to hide it anymore. I did not know how much relief it would give me by getting a diagnosis. Reality is less scary than speculation. I don't know what to expect from here as I am new to this. It is encouraging that there are so many others who are afflicted that support one another. Thank God for modern technology.

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