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I have been suffering from a multitude of different symptoms for the past 2.5-3 years, off and on lasting from a few days to weeks and months. I have been to see my PCP, which he referred me to Neurology. I have seen 2 different Neurologist; the first told me I have frozen shoulder syndrome(which there is nothing wrong with my shoulders, except muscle pain), the second told me it was a B-12 deficiency( normal, depending on lab of course is 200-950, my levels were 570). I have had 2 Brain MRI's a year apart, it showed some change but not significant enough for a diagnosis. My symptoms range from EXTREME fatigue to the electrical current I feel running through my body from head to toe 24/7, has even woke me up a few times. I have a strange itching feeling, all over sometimes so bad it feels as if it starts in the bone. I have to wake up 30 minutes early Mon-Fri because my arms are completely numb, not as if I slept on them for a long period of time but numb( there have been times I have to look down to make sure they are still there so numb). The list goes on and on... this is by far only a few things. I feel as if no one believes me, especially doctors!! I feel as if I am not taken seriously! I feel as if the doctors think I'm only there for medication, because I hurt so badly. Many, Many days I hurt so badly it hurts to even touch the hair on my head. I KNOW SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH ME, AND I JUST WANT TO KNOW WHAT IT IS!!!


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