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When I turned 40 my life changed. For 6 months I kept going to my PC doctor because I was dizzy. And after going to the doctor for 6 months in a roll she sent me for my first MRI. They didn’t find MS but found another cause for the vertigo. Sometime in 2005- 2006 I next recall more vertigo and feeling that the world around me was strange and I was fine. No pain, no spinning rooms, but I ran into the doors at work, almost fell down the stairs at home and work, I felt I was walking off balanced, had headaches, and now and then I felt I was experiencing rapid eye movements. Then believing it’s all connected to the other aliment. Between then and now, I’ve fallen when trying to sit down, I’ve dropped something which is not heavy. And I felt weakness, which scared me so much when our family was growing and we had a new grand baby in the family. I refused to hold my new grandchild because I was scared of dropping the baby. One day I woke up for work and my eye site was off. It seemed blurry. I just thought it was because I felt so tired, even after a full night’s sleep. It lasted for about 3 hours then I felt I should make an appointment. The next time it happens during a lunch break, blurry vision. Moving forward, another MRI is done this year, 2013 for something not connected with any issues I’ve had in the past. The new doctor tells me he’s referring me to a neurologist because I possibly had MS. Now this is new, something unexpected but since this is not his field we’ll see what becomes of this. Take another MRI and now it’s been said by the neurologist, you have Multiple Sclerosis. So that was just before Thanksgiving 2013 and I’m reading, viewing DVD’s, and researching all I can about it.


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