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I was diagnosed w/ RRMS in March of 2013. My symptom history started when I was 26, with 2 colonic tonic aka grand mal seizure's. CT, MRI, B-12 test, proctor exam ,LP, bone density...you name it, I had it done. I had multiple lesion's on my brain MRI which resulted in a brain biopsy. Yes, at 26 years-old. Nothing cultured and I went on w/ my life. And they diagnosed me w/ idiopathic encephalitis. Every 5 year's or so, I would have something weird happen. Like: numbness on 1 side of my face, temporary vision loss (driving!) to anxiety attacks. It wasn't until I had pain in my right eye and went to an eye doctor who sent me directly to a neurologist who did MRI's and LP again, with an actual diagnosis of RRMS. I am now 46. And I have multiple "active" lesion's which calmed down w/ 6 months of Methoprednizone (steroids), high dose, once a month, oral. But I have stopped that now. My neurologist wants me on Copaxzone but I am not ready for any disease modifying drugs. I'm still doing research on them and other possible method's of prevention and protection of my brain. I welcome anyone's advice on alternative method's!


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