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I started having symptoms that no one could explain when I was a teenager. My biological Mother was diagnosed with MS when I was 24, and I became convinced that I had it too. I wasn't diagnosed until I was 38, when I became blind in one eye and numb from my neck down. I hate steroids, but thank heaven for them. Vision, mobility and strength mostly returned, feeling returned as well, but its all just a little different than it used to be. I personally think I mainly struggle with memory and fatigue. My neurologist thinks I mostly struggle with balance and he believes that I should be in physical therapy full time forever to help with mobility. I'm resisting it. He says I'm stubborn. I say I don't want to live like I'm sick until I'm really sick. I was never supposed to be able to walk anyway, so I think I'm a miracle! LOL I was born in May of 1973, and by the following March I was walking. Then at 13 months old (June of 1974) I got meningitis and nearly died. My mother says I had to learn to walk again. I lost my hearing in my left ear. Then in 1978 I was run over - mostly my back and my head. When I recovered, I had to learn to walk again. So that's 3 times. My balance has never been great. When we go for walks, my husband often has to remind me that I'm listing (before I fall off the sidewalk). I consider myself kind of like the bumblebee. Scientists say they shouldn't be able to fly, but they do. No one told them they couldn't, so they did it. That's me. My mother has kind of gone off the deep end. She no longer believes in MS - just thinks she has Lyme disease. She lives somewhere in Nevada and self-medicates with alcohol. I don't think I've seen her sober since I was about 5, and I may be the reason why (Did I drive her to drink?), but she's not something I can really dwell on. I'm busy concentrating on walking.


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