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It all started mid September of 2016. I had terrible coordination problems. I though that maybe i was extremely tired from playing basketball for 6 hours. I was taken to the E.R, they said i had parathesia.By November i was placed in a hospital for 2 months and diagnosed with ADEM n by Feb with an aggressive form of MS. I have been hospitalized 4 times between September and April. I seem to be ok as soon as im released but i later get worser and worser. My family does not understand nor do they want to i believe. My life was great before this. im 22 with two degrees, very smart, i love to make people laugh. My family believed i became ill when i flew back to AL to take care of my father for a few month, which was stressful. He is paralyzed from neck down. Now im hit with this, i dont understand. I am depressed, im always crying or feeling like (taking a dirt nap). They are the type of people who wants everyone in their circle to be perfect. I definetely feel like the (ugly duckling here) im even more depressed around them, because of how they treat me because of this. However, i cannot move or feel anything from waist down and im etremely weak.


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