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Well if you are taking the time to view this I am sorry that it so boring to read!!!! I really wish I had a story to tell but I don't I just seem to have complaints about the lack of concern I have come to receive from all the Doctors & Lawyers I have come in contact with over the last few year's. I have a bad head injury that has taken over my thinking & gives some vary bad and uncontrollable headaches, I always have a dull headache on the left side & no Doctor's seem to want to address this. So let me try this one more time! I was told at first that I have RRMS in March 2013 and then told by a second Neurologist MS Specialists that no you don't have RRMS but I do have PPMS in March 2014! Okay So now what, I'm told that there are no drug's or treatment's for this and it just keeps getting harder on my body vary slowly. So now I seem to have a conflict of interest, I have one Neurologist telling me I have RRMS, and another one that tells me I have PPMS, this all has come into play since 7-18-2015. So now what, do I go with RRMS or PPMS or just give up and believe that I don't really have any kind of MS? Both Neurologist seem to know each other and that is where the conflict of interest start's and comes into play. And now I am told a third Doctor that have secondary progressive MS but without any new information or any new test to base this DX on, just a new doctors opinion./ August 2015 So now a new kid on the block "a new Neurologist who has never even seen me or looked at any of my MRI's" tells me that I must have secondary Progressive MS. So how the hell did she come to that decision with out having any data to look at? Is she some sort-a Ginny . September 2015 October 1 2015/ sent to see a Dr. Yesterday at the order of the courts and the Law firm for the other side of the law suit I have going about the car accident I was involved in back in November 2012. This Dr. happens to be a Neurologist MS Specialists they picked, he had no idea why he was picked but he was. And so it starts, he asked me a lot of question's and actually listened to my answer's and wrote them all down, and then did the most through exam of my body that I had sense going in the Army some 45years ago. Ah and when all done and we talked awhile longer, he said something that I am sure the other side wont like "he in his opinion dose not feel that I suffer from Multiple Sclerosis at all, but should see an Neuron Physiologist about the head trauma I did and still do suffer with to this day, it has only taken three years for a real Doctor to see that I am really hurting and it is not getting any better with time, it is getting worse with time!!! Ah and now would be my last entry. On October 15 2015 I received a final court decision, I will get a whopping $16,000 payout for my pain & suffering. They made this based on one Doctors diagnosis of me having MS and no one ever looked at the possibility of a Traumatic Brain Injury that was and is still confirmed. So here it is nearly three years to the date of the car accident and still have no resolve my leg is not getting any better, my head still hurts most all of the time and yet there seems as no ones hearing me. So I guess I should and will just be quite and live with it.


Living Well with MS Insurance and money matters, Healthcare, Mobility and accessibility
Hobbies and other interestsBuilding scale model train (HOn3), photograhpy. Fly Tying, Fly fishing.

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