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I have been using copaxone since July . It seems to be helping . I have gained a few pounds and the little extra fat makes the injections hurt less , unless it's just my body adjusting to the pain ..not sure . I try to eat pretty healthy , but tis the season to 'eat' jolly so i am off track at the moment . I take probiotics every evening . I take many supplements including oil of oregano and they all seem to be helping greatly along side the copaxone . I am not sure if the copaxone gave me anxiety or just the fact i have ms has given me a bit of anxiety to be honest but i do feel rather anxious or sad at times and then after coffee or tea i feel just fine ..lol..! I take a probiotic of 50 billion cfu . I take ubiqional 200 mg ,l carnosine , vit d , magnesium and milk thistle . When i take all my supplements and copaxone i feel more energetic then i did before i was diagnosed actually . Sleeping 7-9 hours is a big factor as well . Thigh injections hurt the most for me btw !


First experienced symptoms2015
First Diagnosed 2015
Treatments Copaxone, Vitamin D

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