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  • Gender Female
  • Age 56
  • Relationship Divorced

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MS blew into my life like an electrical storm in August of 2012. I was at work in a co-workers office. I went to get up from the chair and felt an electrical explosion in my back, then my left side with drew up in a spasm and my right side went numb. My co-worker got me onto the floor and called 911. By the time they arrived it was over, I guess they are considered seizures. They checked all my vitals, blood sugars and found nothing, suggested I go to the Dr. Went to my primary, they did some blood work, then it happened again while I was in the shower, (and 4 more times after this) called my GP again, they referred me to my neuro who ordered an MRI without contrast, when that came back he ordered 2 more MRI's with contrast. Before the seizures began the other symptoms I had was numbness now and then in an extremity that would go away in a few months, thought it was a pinched nerve or slept wrong. The other symptoms I have is the Lhermittes sign, numbness in my extremities and at times incredible weakness. My left side did become incredibly weak at one point and I had the leg drop. My legs sometimes get really weak and feel like cement is in my blood stream. I have tremendous brain fog at times and emotional liability. Cry or laugh for no apparent reason. I must say that from start to finish, my diagnosis took 3 weeks. I have an amazing neuro so I feel very blessed in so many ways. My biggest challenge is being a single mom of 2 teenage boys and having to work full time to make sure they are taken care of. The biggest fear I face is the uncertainty of the future, the what ifs: what if I can't continue to work full-time? My biggest blessing is having 2 teenage boys who are my joy and work hard to try and help me out.

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