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I was diagnosed in 2010. I have had symptoms since I was a teenager. I just did not know it was MS. I had the 3 tests; MRI, spinal tap & special blood tests that confirmed my diagnosis. I even had a second opinion. I have been on Avonex since my diagnosis. In the beginning it was rough for 24 hours after I would take my Avonex shot. I took the shot on Friday night & all day Saturday I was in bed. It got better with time. Now I have the Avonex pen. That made it 100 times better! Not holding the shot over my thigh for 5 minutes before I could push it in, knowing it would hurt. The pen is so easy! Life has definitely changed. I am fatigued all the time. I am just as tired when I wake as I was when I went to sleep. I have swallowing problems. When I take the first bite of food I start coughing uncontrollably. It is so embarrassing when I am out or with new people. I excuse myself from the table & try to get the cough under control. Only others who experience this can understand. I have balance & numbness issues. Those are not so bad as the other symptoms. I still work full time, but lately with the tremendous fatigue, I am thinking of making changes. I try to keep positive because life could definitely be worse. I walk almost every day. I believe that is what kept me going. I always push myself to take a walk Even if I am tired or do not really want to walk, I make myself do it. I feel if I stop I may not be walking! Winter is a bad time. I do not walk outside for fear of falling. I "try" to do walking DVDs. I am not as successful in pushing myself in winter. Darkness, cold, a million excuses.... I need to be more successful durning the winter! I will work on it!



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