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My Daughter had a vision problem that turned out to be optical neuritis. We were told that this is the first sign of MS. A MRI showed nothing but they wanted us back for a check up in a year. During the summer she had a case of vertigo which we thought wasn't related but the neurologist said that it probably was. This now takes us to February of this year and another MRI. Praying for the best but having a bad feeling going into the MRI we find out that she has the very early stages of MS. WHY? Why is this happening to my little girl? So I'm still in denial about her having MS but finding out the more I talk about it the more I'm able to accept it. Scared as hell about her future. Scared what will happen when she can't be on my insurance anymore. Scared what the future holds for her. Scared who will take care of her when her Mother and I are gone. Just plain scared as HELL. She just received her first months supply of Copaxone and it was 5099.70 with a 10.00 copay. I'm just thankful that I have a good job with good insurance. I hate talking about this. I want to ignore it and hope that it will just go away! But I know it won't and that's not going to help her thinking like that. I HATE HATE HATE this!!!!! Sorry for the rant but it was somewhat therapeutic. This is the beginning of my story. Paul


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