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  • Gender Female
  • Age 39
  • Relationship Married

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A sideways profile picture sums me up..traditional, a little quirky, technologically impaired. I’m not your average 30 something married with kids. My kiddos are my cats-Radar, Pascal, & Kassidy. They run our house and my husband comes second. We enjoy being able to go for long weekends to our favorite city or plan vacations to Disney. We always say we’re going to go somewhere else, but it’s hard not to go back to a place that feels like home. I feel like I’m writing a personal ad when I say this but I enjoy long walks, the beach, a good read especially by a fireplace and I enjoy other things too. I love the sound of my niece and nephews laughing, an exciting hockey game, and an up-lifting Christian rock song. I don’t want to start my day without coffee, I work full-time, and I love TV. I can leave HGTV on all day just to have noise while I clean or work on other things. I’m indoorsy and introverted. It’s extremely difficult for me to get to know people and even more difficult for me to let them get to know me. Sharing my life on this website is nerve wracking. I’m very private. Even my family doesn’t ask much about what is going on with me. They know I’ll share when I’m ready. I think that’s why I’ve turned to this site. I’m ready.


Living Well with MS Emotional support, Healthy living
Getting Involved Walk MS, Challenge Walk, MuckFest MS, Advocacy, Volunteering
Hobbies and other intereststravel, reading, watch tv, hockey (GO PENS!), playing games, learning new things, coloring, movies, drinking coffee, Disney

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