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Hello, my names Raven & I’m 25. I’m a single mama tasing a beautiful baby boy, I started showing Ms symptoms about 3 years ago. I was hit in the head accidently & it caused me to loose my eye sight in my left eye. They called it optic nueritis & couldn’t find the cause of why my optic nerve was swelling, so they began testing for MS. I didn’t do a spinal tab & so the drs believed I was making it up for attention, they basically told me to live with it. So I had been, up til recently when I experienced a flare due to some serious family stress & I woke up one morning completely blind. I panicked & when to the hospital. Despite my fear I accepted the spinal tab & that’s how they diagnosed me with MS. Now it’s been 3 weeks since then & my body has completely changed on me. I was a very active person, a go getter, always on my feet running around & being an active mama. Nuerologist did lab work & the results won’t be here for another week to tell me exactly what type or other illness I might have because mine affects my eyesisght & now I have pain in my legs & back. I’m new to this & I try really hard not to completely give up, but I mourn my old self. Looking for friends who get it, I need help understanding how my life is going to look now.

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