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I am 46-years old, and for the past 9-12 months I have been having strange physical happenings. Started with a tremor in my hand — my Dad had Parkinson’s, so that was where my mind immediately went. No doctor visit as it was very mild, then a while later a co-worker mentioned a tremor in my face (lip and chin), May 2018, dates are foggy, I apologize. Appointment with family doctor, response was “you are too young for Parkinson’s, besides you have a lot of stress in your life”. Completely disregarded. Yes, I had significant stress. Had just returned to work from Stress Leave, due to my teenage daughter’s decision to use substances and to run away from home. It was a 3-month leave and she had returned home, we were working on things and life was better. I had also reserved myself that if she was home and safe, there really was not more I could do. She routinely assured me that she is not using anything other than marijuana and I should relax. I chose not to let her affect me anymore and things drastically improved. A month later, tremor a bit stronger in my hand - face tremor the same but now I am having difficulty with words. Losing my words mid sentence and stammering. Back to Doctor, again dismissed, too young for Parkinson’s and it’s simply stress. Another month, I went to my family clinic, but saw a different Doctor. She took me a bit more seriously and brought me back for an in office Neuro Exam, then referred me to a Neurologist. This was August 2018-ish. After another month, I realized that things were not progressing so I called in. I was advised that the waiting period for Neurologist referral was 09-months. Symptoms progressing, November 2018 I was at work and my boss told me to go to Emergency as my tremor, lack of consistent speech and instability was concerning. I drove myself to Emergency, saw a Doctor who took me seriously - told me her exam is pointing towards MS. She referred me to Urgent Neuro and for an Urgent MRI. She did a CT scan that day and it was clear. Two weeks later I had my consult, and MRI. Went back to my Neuro Doctor, she reviewed MRI with me, no masses, concerns or lesions. She said, let’s wait 3-months and see how you are. I went home, frustrated. She was completely unconcerned. I called her and told her I wanted a Contrast Dye MRI. She agreed to refer me, but it’s end of January 2019 and I’m still not in. I had a follow up with her last week, my symptoms have changed so drastically they are now: hand tremors which affect my handwriting, slurred speech, stammering and loss of words - face/chin tremor which now affects my teeth if my jaw relaxes — shoulder and abdominal muscle spasms while I sleep (i have video proof showed to Dr., no concern), loose bowels, leg numbness, heavy arms, seems I am also losing my hair, not clumps but more that usual and my eyelashes have thinned out, bald in some spots on my eyes, instability in walking and standing, stairs are a challenge up and down. My Neurologist told me that all my symptoms are related to stress. She used the analogy that my ‘hardware’ is working but my ‘software’ is too taxed. I refuse to believe that all these symptoms are results of stress. I love my job, I relax when at home, life is pretty good. She said she will order an EEG but that I need counselling. I know it’s a long story, but I appreciate your feedback and opinions. Am I crazy? Should I press for another opinion? Specialist in MS? I’m tired of being tired, sore, shaky and forgetful when speaking. All I want is an answer and treatment before this gets worse. Thank you for your responses. Rej-a-doodle

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